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Seamlessly order meals, groceries, and nutrient supplements from a single app. 


Make an order without installing the app.


Order food, groceries, and supplements in one app, saving time and effort.


Access a wide range of products, & dietary tailored to your preference.


Enjoy tailored recommendations and exclusive offers.

What's in the app?

Navigate with ease.


Download Mobo Eats and enjoy a world of culinary delights and essential shopping.

Extra Accessible features

Seamless Dining!

Reserve restaurant tables at no extra cost using Mobo eats.

Get started and Enjoy.

The Moboeats Advantage

Easily find what you need.

Healthy Diet Plans

Access to nutritional information and personalised diet Plans.

Convenient Ordering

Browse menus, customize your order, and pay easily.

Exclusive Deals

Unlock special offers & discounts only available to our users.

Easy Reservations

Reserve a table at your favorite restaurant for free.

Secure Payments

Experience safe and effortless payment options.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay updated on your orders, from preparation to delivery.

How the merchant app works

4 steps to financial success

Register your Business & Branches

Complete online registration using your business and location details.

Products & Menu.

Use enticing descriptions and high-quality images to attract customers.

Track and Manage Incoming orders

Track orders in real-time, communicate with customers, and manage delivery times.

Manage Processed Payments

Payments are processed on a weekly basis, and directly deposited into your account.

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"Mobo eats has simplified my order management process. The automated storefront and real-time order tracking has made our operations much more efficient."
Francis J
Restaurant Owner

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